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What if there was a new, delicious noodle in town? A noodle with no carbs or gluten, and yet have a tasty natural noodle flavor?  A noodle perfect for keto, diabetic and all-around healthy eating, which you can prepare - package to table - in just 30 seconds? Who would you tell?


Caprese Noodle Salad

Gluten Free   |  Diabetic Friendly | vegetarian 

This fresh recipe has almost no carbs and takes just a few minutes to throw together!

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Veggie Noodle Soup

KETO DIET   |   diabetic friendly |  Gluten Free  

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with Healthy Noodle?

Our customers are sharing their best recipes for gluten-free noodle dinners, keto diet noodle dishes, low-carb spaghetti, and 50+ more! What’s your favorite?

"......these noodles are SO AMAZING! The BEST keto friendly option we have found. ”



"look at this perfection with my #healthynoodle creation! Keto scallops and Parmesan risotto noodles lol"


We #lovehealthynoodle !! We use it for a delicious #keto chicken parm & pesto alfredo pasta!



"So I did this thing.. I've been craving comfort food, and let's be real - nothing says comfort to me like a giant plate of pasta... Buuuuutttt since I'm living the #ketolife, that's not gonna happen. Insert mad scientist stuff and BOOM.. Keto friendly #chickenalfredo with noodles that taste good and don't stink (Healthy Noodle found at Costco)" 



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