What is Healthy Noodle made out of?

Healthy Noodle is made of Water, Soybean Fiber Powder, Cellulose, Sodium Alginate, and Yam Konjac Powder.

Can we freeze Healthy Noodle?

Technically Freezing Healthy Noodle is not recommended because it would change the volume of the noodles (some water escape from the noodles during freeze/thaw process) and change the texture (it gets a little firm). But I would say it is personal preference!  

What if the product is left out of refrigeration?

We recommend NOT consuming if left out. 

Can we eat Healthy Noodle after the best by date?

We recommend consuming by the "best before date". 

Is Healthy Noodle vegan?

100% yes!!

Is Healthy Noodle non-GMO?

Yes, we use non-GMO soybean to make Healthy Noodle!!

Is Healthy Noodle diabetic friendly?

Yes, since Healthy Noodle contains zero sugar, only 30 calories and 6g of carbs! 

Where is Healthy Noodle made from?

Healthy Noodle is made in Beautiful Japan!

Can I purchase Healthy Noodle Online?

Unfortunately we don't offer online purchase yet. (We are working on it though and hope to have online purchases in the near future!)

What is the ingredients of Healthy Noodle and Zeromen?

Water, Soybean Fiber Powder, Cellulose, Sodium Alginate, Yam Konjac Powder, Calcium Chloride, and Salt.

What is the nutritional value for Healthy Noodle and Zeromen?

Please check out Product page!

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