Healthy Noodle + Zeromen

Product Information

Kibun’s Healthy Noodle and Zeromen products contain Okara (byproduct of tofu) and are sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, fat free noodle with only 35 calories (25 for Healthy Noodle)! This is a perfect noodle for people with Diabetes, Celiac Disease, and any type of Weight Loss diet especially Keto diet! Consuming Healthy Noodle or Zeromen is another way of living a healthy lifestyle, and a great alternative to regular pasta without feeling guilty!

Healthy Noodle and Zeromen are very versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes and sauces! Just open the pouch and rise for a few seconds and they are ready-to-eat!

Background Story

Surprisingly, there is a large population of diabetics and pre-diabetics in Japan. Kibun Foods, as a company, wanted to create a noodle for those dietary restricted people and came up with this amazing noodle that contains zero sugar. It is called “Toshitsu Zeromen”, the literal translation is “zero sugar noodle” in Japanese. This innovative noodle instantly became a huge hit in Japan for everyone, not only diabetics! We, Kibun Foods (U.S.A.), brought Toshitsu Zeromen to the United States where we changed the package design and renamed it “Zeromen”!

Zeromen is not only a sugar free noodle but also Gluten free, Dairy free, Fat free, and very low in Carbohydrates making it fit any dietary restrictions. It has been widely recognized by people with healthy life style in the US today!

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